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• Reduces stress, which prolongs life.
Makes you feel good, and when you feel good, everything is better.

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"Celebrate the Journey" DVD - Live, in Concert Video - 25 songs from many different locations plus personal interviews and hundreds of photographs. This lively retrospective is an overview of Tupelo and Janey Wing Kenyon's unique lifestyle as a touring musical duo, on the road together since the mid 70's. Available in DVD. 2 hours and 32 minutes.

Viewer Comments:

Hi you two~ just wanted you to know that I just finished watching the beautiful, wonderful, marvelous, uplifting DVD, "Celebrate the Journey." Wow! Tupe, great creation! Janey, love your humor, your hair and your heart! I feel like you two are spiritual teachers for me through your music and your love. Now, is this because I already know and love you or because I am blessed to know, love AND appreciate your creative channels (all 108 of them)? Thank you and for bringing smiles to my face, tears to my eyes and love to my heart!!! LOVE YOU! Amber Wolf, Lyons, CO

Hey there you two. Picked up the new DVD yesterday. You guys are fun. But better than that, when the world is still and listening, you guys have an incredible ability to touch anothers soul from your heart space. It's great! ! ! - Trish Sanders

dear friends –
I want to thank you for the wonderful concert, and for the generosity you consistently manifest in a number of ways. I very much admire the way: you live your lives . . .
your creativity in many forms . . .
your enthusiasm and joy . . .
your love for each other.
Janey, I really enjoyed your antics and acrobatics (though I wondered how your body felt the next day) and while you were doing the sign language song, I thought, “Now there is some FINE taiji.” Tupe, I’ve long enjoyed the clarity of vision and the openness of heart in your lyrics. It was especially fun to get elaborated onstage versions of old familiars. I could go on and on, but you get the idea, guys. Many thanks. Al Carlson, Story, WY

WOW! Just got the chance to sit down with just little old lonesome me to watch and listen to your new DVD….Thank You! You made my heart soar, brought tears to my eyes and all that mushy stuff. It was awesome! Not just the stories, pics and music, but to see you guys was truly great. Just want to express how great it was to be in your world for those couple of hours and see your smiling faces. Love You Guys….Landon Roberts

I enjoyed the show a lot ! The laughing part was........ uncontrollable :-) Thank you for your committment to lifting the energy of the Universe. I'm just learning to dance. I'm amazed by how joyful it is! Nameste, Sandy Moore

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed listening to your music and watching your story on DVD. I listen to your CDs when I need music to calm myself. I have also read a lot of your articles - they came at a time that I needed good things to read.Thank you so much for the DVD all the CDs. Hugs, Tacy Harris, Loveland, CO

"Here Like a River" - 17 original songs, 72 minutes - Love, travel and adventure songs. Music to give you a lift!

Listener Comments:


I truly loved the CD. And without a doubt, it is your best work yet. You should be very proud as I am sure you are. I specifically put my CD player with head phones in my carry-on from Seattle to Boston so I could listen. It made my looooooooooong flight totally enjoyable for over an hour.

Here we were on our connecting flight from St. Louis to Boston, Monte's reading "Winging It" and I'm listening to "Here Like A River." Wow, could we feel your presence. You guys are an inspiration.

I had my little purse size note pad and pen in front of me while I listened to Here Like a River on the plane so I wouldn't forget some specific thoughts so here's sharing:

Moon to Moon: harmonies and guitar
Angels Around Us: Wow, Tupe's voice, harmonies, electric guitar and production
Soul in the Stars: Janey's vocal performance! Love the yodel
Urge to Submerge: !!!
Blue Water: electric sequence
Time of Our Lives: love high hat sound
Story Belt: fade into - Moody Blues
A Million Miles Away: Jeannie’s Back-up Vocals!
What Would Love Do Now: Love It
Take the Plunge: Tupe beautiful vocal and BCKS!!
Handyman Hell: (I drew a smile)
Where Onlt Freedom Freedom Flies: Beautiful
No, Yes: Great
Takin My Time: Primo production!
Here: Janey's vocal is Incredible!
Life Is a River: Fabulous ending. Cool sounds, guitar, then sounds again!!!!

(Here's some overall stuff I didn't want to forget: Love the production - clean and clear. Love the song selection and sequence, love the humor and variety. Time went fast!)

Guys, I enjoyed it so much. I'm really happy for you. - You did an absolutely fabulous job on that CD. You should be extremely proud of yourself. I'm proud of you. - JoAnn Molloy, Alaska

Hi Kids... Finally got a chance to listen to your new “Here Like a River” CD yesterday...LOVED IT!!!! You did a wonderful job from top to bottom. Great songs, great performances, great arrangements and great sounds!!! Definitely your best work to date. My favorite is mmmm let me think .................... “Angels Around Us”, but I truly enjoyed it all and will many times to come. You should be proud of yourself, I'm proud of ya! Love to you both, Monte Davis, Alaska

This morning the snow was so pretty and fluffy. Perfect for making angels, so that's what we did...Ginny & I before we went on our walk. It's been so quiet around here after the holidays...just me and the angels. I also wanted Tupe to know how much I love the words to the "Angels Around Us" song. Your message came thru to me loud and clear the other day, when I'd been struggling to feel or see their presence, when I heard you sing...maybe before you can see it you've got to believe it. So today I've vowed to quit working so hard to fix things on my own and learn to turn it over and trust the guidance God is sending me. He's definately been sending me some angels for friends lately (you two included) and for that I am thankful. Anyway, I hope you are having fun! Just wanted to share how your music makes a difference in people's lives even when you aren't around. That must feel good to know that what you do touches people's hearts. Take Care of U! Paula in Story, WY

Jeanne and I listened to the new album and we enjoyed it very much - Leo Glover, Santa Ynez, CA

As I write this big THANK YOU note, I'm listening to your new CD with headphones. Superb, excellent, uplifting, inspiring, bluesy and recorded/mixed perfectly. Great JOB! As of the moment, my favorites are Moon to Moon, Angels Around Us, Blue Water and of course No,Yes! Without a doubt, I enjoy all the songs, but those are my favorites as of the second listening. You see, we put it on the stereo first thing. I'm only now getting to the headphones. Ah, Story Belt just came on. Sounds familiar, eh? I like your vocals. Also, good job tailoring in the sound effects too (birds and water on Moon to Moon)

Okay, tell me, What Would Love Do Now? I'd say give both of you big hugs! I just have one question for you. We enjoy this CD and book so much that we want to know when the next book and CD are scheduled to come out? Okay, enjoy the moment of accomplishment--and what great ones too. Thanks again for the best gift of all ... a part of you! We love it. There's no better gift than to share yourself. - Bruce Young, KS

Bill and I listened to Handyman Hell a few more songs from your latest CD on our way home. We had a good chuckle over Handyman Hell. You have really done well for yourselves. I have been watching you create the life you love and I admire the successful way you support yourselves with your talents and art. This is a magnificent feat in this physical world. - Deb Mann, TN

When the song, “Storybelt” came on, as always I just stopped what I was doing and sat down to think, smile and be happy. The sun was coming up over the ocean and all was well with the moment and my heart. Home is always at the breath between us. - Trish Sanders, New Zealand

"Record-X, Laughing Bird's 10th" - 16 original songs, 63 minutes - Our most recent studio album. Uplifting and joyous. Tender love songs. Wide variety of styles.

Listener Comments:

Tupelo! You're music is very touching to the soul. - Tristan Loo, CA

I love your site and your music - it's beautiful and a welcome reprieve from the fast paced, energy sucking world of the internet. Your site is calming, invigorating and poetic. Thank you for taking the time to create it for all of us! Warm Regards, Chrissy Scivicque

I listened to the music. It's beautiful.Thanks. Marie Brennan

It was really nice to read some of your articles and to hear some instrumental music and songs. I am feeling so grateful and happy for life-enhancing ideas, songs and music you have offered TO WHOEVER IS INTERESTED. It shows real personal develpment - to share the knowledge THAT WE ALL ARE DIVINE BEINGS, feeling free to help others open their eyes too, not beeing blinded with a wish to earn...Thank You for letting me feel that it is possible to meet soul mates. I felt as I had visited some place filled with strong light life energy. And it filled me with strength. Thank You for it. :) May God showers His blessings over You! Liana Lunte, Latvia

"Close as a Heartbeat" - 14 original songs, 58 minutes - Studio album. Love songs, travel songs, and music to celebrate life.

Listener Comments:

I wanted to send you some of my thoughts and feelings I have about your loving, wisdom inspired music. In fact, the other day I came home and Luis had The Traveler playing loudly. Before I knew it, I was dancing a jig, I kid you not! It was just a zing of joy and before I knew it I was dancing! Guess
Dexter and I have a lot in common!

Your music is motivational, inspirational, musically pleasing, uplifting and extremely clever. It evokes heartfelt emotions from laughter to glee (as in Celebrate Life) to poignant wisdom as in, "the strength you gain from such a pain remains when it’s all past." (I actually sat in a resort bar and took notes on that one while listening to you singing it live!) Janey's voice soars with vibrant energy. - Kim Soltero, the Crystal sailboat, Caribbean

"Close as a Heartbeat": Whenever I'm feeling a little down in the mouth listening to this CD takes me back to CoCo View on Roatan, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras, where I first met Janey and Tupe Kenyon. The emotions and love which generated the songs on this CD uplift me and restore my faith in that there are gentle, kind, loving people in the world. - Becky Dayhoff, TN

We have loved the "Heartbeat " recording so much (tape) that we have worn it out. You may remember that a few years ago I used your music in a Marriage Enrichment weekend where we played your songs and spoke about just what the lyrics evoked. It was a most meaningful weekend that 10 couples attended. That added more meaning to your work for us. Looking forward to hearing more originals and hopefully seeing you in concert again. All the best to you both and please keep in touch and let us know when you are in New England. - Genny & Alan Leathers, ME

Tupe and Janey,

I just had to write and tell you how much I am appreciating you RIGHT NOW! You know how we often don’t sit down and do that – even though we may be thinking of someone? Well I’m doing it. . .

I’m having a “Laughing Bird” Concert Night in my room tonight, and I went right from “Anthology”, to “Close as a Heartbeat”, to “Celestial Sounds”.

Anyways – isn’t true how they say “you’ll hear the message – or you’ll learn the lesson when you’re ready”. I’m finding that with your songs – they have the most beautiful messages – many I hadn’t noticed before. Like “Go Slow”, “Love is Who You Are”, “All That We Take With Us”, “Be Kind”, “Do What you Love”. I absolutely love the “Angels Around Us” – I can hear them smiling.

So – Thank You for your music, your friendship, and your inspiration. Loving you, Lauray Walsh, Roatan, Honduras

As I told Dorothy on the phone, we had such fun listening to your CD's on the way home. "Close as a Heartbeat" just really knocked our socks off! I've loaned the CD several times and all comments are not just favorable, but raving. Anyway, the voices, music, lyrics (what else is there?) were just so special. The CD will make a great Christmas gift for lots of people on our list. If you can send us ten copies I will be glad to pay the "going rate" plus shipping. - Linda Boner, WY

Hi guys - I need 4 tapes ("Close as a Heartbeat") . . . Christmas presents, you know. I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!! It does my heart good - so I'm sharing it. - Lorin Furgensen, CA

I just want to thank you for your wonderful CD. Remember Janey, I told you I lost my mom and everytime I hear your song. "All That We Take With Us," I cry. It's so beautiful! When we get home I know it will have the same affect on my daughter as she misses her Nanna.....I love this C.D....Thanks for enlightening our lives YOU'RE WONDERFUL.....I think that song should be given to all grievers.....We played your tape the whole way here from Puerto Pennassco almost know all of the words ....Thanks again. You both are sooo wondeful - you cheer everyone up. God Bless Marg Steve

"Anthology - The First 20 Years" - 20 original songs, 74 minutes - A compilation album of selected cuts from our first two studio albums, "Reach Out" and "Tisra Til II" plus other new songs. Lots of love songs, and other songs of the heart.

Listener Comments:

Finally, a song like Stuff, stuff, Stuff, humorously exposes binding issues and stimulates more free, compassionate, and expansive attitudes and thought. And don't forget the captivating harmony and arrangement of Old time Movie.

These are some of the thoughts and feelings I have about your music. I could go on. Shall I write about the resonance with the earth I feel when you sing Moon to Moon? How did you capture the magic of an ancient sacred rainforest ceremonial site in a song? - Kim Soltero, the Crystal sailboat, Carribean

"Anthology - The First 20 Years": "When Our Ship Comes In" makes me smile 'cause Tupe and Janey's ship came in when they met and combined their extraordinary talents to create a very special team which will live forever through their wonderful music. - Becky Dayhuff, TN

Hi to You Tupe and Janey - I am still in the west caribbean, looking for you to get off the bus and say you are playing at so and so tonight . . . For the most happy days of my life was when you were playing at Mad Annie's on Caye Caulker. I got only one of your CDs at at the time, "Anthology", and it took me 3 years to get a new player to hear the sound that you play.

IT WAS GOOD AND I PLAYED IT MORE THAN THE REST OF THE 300 CDS I HAVE, and yes I need to get all your other CDs from you. I am now in Guatemala on the Rio Dulce. - Big John on the Mongoose sailboat

Tears in my eyes as I listen from my computer to 'Home is Where' and 'Colors of the Rainbow' as I remember the happy time spent with you guys in Anchorage recording. Wow... What a web site you guys, beautiful. I'd like to order 3 CDs . . . - Jane Eisemann, AK

Thanks for the wonderful music you two make! I've enjoyed it for many years. - Lori Benham, MO

"Have Tunes, Will Travel" (Live, In Concert) - 20 songs (6 original plus 14 favorites from other songwriters), 72 minutes - A mixed bag of some of our favorite songs and the most requested songs from our live performances, spanning many years. Songs to touch your funny bone as well as your heart.

Listener Comments:

"Have Tunes, Will Travel": Makes me want to pack my bag and hit the road again while it brings back fond memories of my time in Alaska and the Caribbean listening to Tupe and Janey live and enjoying a some great diving. - Becky Dayhuff, TN

Dear Tupe and Janey,
What a pleasure it was to get the album announcement in the mail. Good memories just flowed up and over me. Thanks so much for providing them. We enjoyed the diving at CoCoView, but the company and your music made the trip very special! We hope you two are happy, healthy, and being given back the joy and goodwill you give so freely to those you meet. - Yours, Robin & John Schmitt. CA

Hey guy's, really enjoyed your music. sometime's just a big glass of ice tea and a lounge chair and you in the back ground make's for a perfect day. We "caught" you at "Coco View Dive Resort" in Roatan, last Christmas and New's Year's. Hey, you guy's take care and we will be listening for you. Hugs - Lindy and Marty Roberts, CA

Your studio albums are great, but I also like hearing you perform live, and how the crowd reacts. Wow, you really have a big full sound for just two people! - Fred Snyder, NY

Hi Janey
I really enjoyed the new age music, "Celestial Sounds" . I will be ordering more copies of it. Although I don't enjoy country music much, I really liked the lyrics of your songs on your other CDs. Sounds like you have had an interesting and enjoyable life traveling all around doing what you like to do. I'm happy for you. - Kathy Meehan, CA

"Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light - Volume 1" - 11 instrumental songs, 61 minutes - Imagine this as a soothing musical massage; a relaxing sonic shower of peace and joy. Use this music to deepen your relaxation and enhance your meditation, contemplation, visualization or daydreams. The comforting sounds and tranquil pace (approximately 60 beats per minute) is especially good for relaxing the mind and allowing you to ease into alpha state. Watch your stress melt away as you become mentally refreshed and emotionally recharged.

It’s also perfect to set the mood for study, reading, writing, yoga, tai chi, and romance. Or, just get comfortable, close your eyes, and see where it takes you. Enjoy this magic carpet ride into the true last frontier . . . inner space.

Listener Comments:

The CD is great!!!! I loved the cover! We played it for Tai Chi class Saturday and everyone loved it. I've been putting the CD on after the long difficult days we've had of late, and your music instantly transports us to another place. All the hassles melt away and only harmony remains! Thanks so much! Your music has been a true blessing! - Dr. Martha Sarasua, Gulf Breeze, FL

Lidia and I are amazed at the ability you guys have to concentrate and whip out creative projects. Your CD’s a masterpiece, Tupe. You hit a home run my friend. You’ve got us wanting more, so don’t stop.

I just ran upstairs to get the CD and guess what? Ms. Lidia Young has taken it to work with her. Boy, nothing like pulling it right off my CD player and hogging it. How dare she bogart one of our prize CDs.

Anyway, I wanted to dash off a note about the fabulous and joyful surprise from our postman. Keep having a blast and pumping out those creations. We send lots of love and good vibrations your way. - Bruce Young, Kansas City, MO

Your CD is WONDERFUL. I have absconded with it and poor Bruce can't find it because it's in my car and I play it constantly during my hour (at least) in the car every day. It is great to meditate to ... (which I do not do while driving!) I contemplate to your Celestial Sounds CD often. Something extra wonderful happened one morning. An owl was hooting along to it while perched on our chimney. It was remarkable! That first cut especially sends me right out of my body in nothing flat. It's great. I am enjoying it immensely. Bruce really likes it too. I hope you are as proud of it as you deserve to be. Lidia Young - Kansas City, KS

I do my yoga to your Celestial Sounds CD everyday. I just love it. You have really hit it perfect with that one, I reckon. The sound you have created really takes me to another plane, another world, and it feels so peaceful and in harmony there. So thank you very much for that. Its a very special CD to us both and it definitely gets well used and well loved. Kim Charteris-Wright, Duneeden, New Zealand

I have to give you an A+ on the original melodies and execution of Celestial Sounds. - Jimmy Johnson, Nashville, TN

“Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light” is like a smorgasbord of universes, and you come in and out of them like a dream without really noticing the movements. The music breathes with life and seems interactive instead of something you only hear with your ears.

There are plenty of open spaces to allow the listener to participate with his own spiritual experience.

The rhythms blend into one another without forcing the listener into a structured little box. Instead, you are able to participate with the rhythmical changes with your own body rhythms, heartbeat and breath. “Celestial Sounds” allows you to become peaceful enough so you can feel the heartbeat of spirit as the music breathes you. It’s a mental pick-me-up, an emotional breath of fresh air, and a spiritual massage. - Joe Correia, Hot Springs, AR

Thanks for the CD, sounds perfect and in tune with it's intention, dig the cover too! - Jake Bryant

There are no words to communicate to you the depth and beauty of the sounds you have created. I know so many will be touched with this special work. Things are so crazy here, in the moment I am listening to the Celestial Sounds CD, and for the first time today, I feel at peace. God, Tupelo I have never heard such beautiful sounds.

One thing I notice is that when I listen to it while I am working on the computer I really get my channels . I played it before I started and each time I edited . . . so I feel like it was my cloud or vehicle to access the material, or make it easier, clearer somehow.

The CD is wonderful. Perfect in every way. The cd is a work of universal art. It opens the mind to the quiet of the universe and brings in the stillness of the great spirit and allows doors to open that would have otherwise remained closed. You are both a gift from spirit. love trish - Trish Sanders, Spirit Walker - Gulf Breeze, FL

Your Celestial Sounds CD has arrived and been heard in the background once. Put me in a really nice place! We are both looking forward to giving it more attention soon. Nice cover, too. ;^) - Bill Mann

Now about your CD. How Wonderful! Very relaxing and peaceful. My favorites are Rainbow Hue, Earthtones and Blue Sky Traveler/Sky belt. Those didgeridoos are awesome. Overall a very impressive effort, (from someone who knows from personal experience how long all of this takes). Kudos to the artist (formerly known as Tupe)! Keep up the good work. Mike Hutchens, Nashville, TN

Your new CD has been gratefully received. It's great music. I personally liked it the two mornings I listened to it as a Relaxation and "Set the tone for the day" CD. I took it with me this past Wednesday to my Tai Chi class. Connie, our teacher, played it for the hour that we did our class. There are about 30 to 60 students (all seniors) each week. Many positive comments!. - Jim Berry, Springfield, MO

Lets see, the truth is that Celestial Sounds is truly motivational. If I ever don't feel like starting my yoga early in the morning, all I have to do is turn on the music and the first song draws me into my practice. By rhythmically combining breathing through the Sun Salutation to the perfect count of the first cut (Rainbow Hue), I find myself awake, warmed up and ready to move into the Moon series for the second cut. The tinkle twinkle breaks between the cycles of cut 1 provide the perfect rest and inner focus times before moving into the subsequent rounds of the flowing sun salutation asana.

After the first two cuts and thus completing the sun salutations and moon series, I then easily flow into other postures. Whenever I'm ready to rest in the corpse pose, the music is gentle accompaniment to deeper relaxation.

Celestial Sounds is also fine accompaniment to dinner with friends as we have experienced with Gerbrig and Harvey. Imagine candles, flowers, friends, food and fine music. What a sacred communion of sharing we had! The energy of the music seemed to envelop us and assist us in creating harmony. - Kim Soltero, the Crystal sailboat, Caribbean

Hi Janey and Tupelo. I received a CD with your latest output, Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light. Love it tremendously! I like the obvious meditative quality, and it moved me. The fact that your dynamic was behind it made it also very special. Harvey and I have enjoyed listening to it and will in the future. It will always remind us of the unforgettable time we spent together. Out of the universe we were suddenly put together with this wonderful group of people. We are very thankful for that. We are still together and miss you but you left your spark. Thank you for that also.

I enjoy an energy in the music on your Celestial Sounds CD which is quite unusual. I thought I’d mention it ... Although it leads one into a quite space, it does not seem to leave one there. It seems to have much more of an energizing quality. When Harvey and I arrived here we were in a not-so-happy place. Being here has been a healing experience. You two were very much part of that. So, also for that, thanks are in place. Gerbrig and Harvey, sailboat in the Caribbean

Tena Koe e oku Rangatira mo nga waiata ana mo koe Tupelo,
(greetings to our chiefly musicians and to you who is Tupelo),

We the Maori have a proverb That goes like this:
Whakarongo ki te karekare o nga ngaru tua whitu o Tangaroa kia kaukaungia e
koe kia puta te te rangimarireme na mena e kore e whakana to wairua rapua te
karanga tuatahi te ngaru tua waru kua tena te kai patu o te ngangara i kai
te Wairua,

Translation goes something like this:

When in pain and confusion go to the sea
and listen to and bathe in the ebb and flow of the seven waves of Tangaroa (sea divinity).
That the reflected peace of the heavens may heal you.
If your spirit is still not healed and rested.
Go to the very first call/song/music of the universe,
which sits on the eighth wave
This is where you will find the power to destroy the worm
that eats at the soul of those in pain and confusion.)

And so it is for me and my family when we sat and listened to your CD . My brother Ray and I spent this past weekend listening to it, we played your C D to our uncle and he was really blessed with it. So, once again, thank you very much for your wonderful music.

Na Manaki tanga o te Runga
Rawa ki runga ia koutou katoa

Arohanui Patrick Ruka of the Maori, New Zealand

I go for physiotherapy and a deep tissue massage every week, I brought the Celestial sounds album with me and we played it during my session. It was a perfect score and extremely relaxing. We both enjoyed it.

She asked me for pricing if she were to buy 10 and see if there is a market amongst her customers.

Let me know what you charge and do you have any other albums that can be considered as appropriate for massage therapy sessions.

Ray Rizos, Burnaby, BC, Canada

(Yes, "Celestial Sounds Volume 2" and "Wooden Voices" - also instrumental.)

Love it tremendously! I like the obvious meditative quality, and it moved me. I enjoy an energy in the music on your "Celestial Sounds" CD which is quite unusual. I thought I'd mention it . . . Although it leads one into a quiet space, it does not seem to leave one there. It seems to have much more of an energizing quality. - Gebrig and Harvey, the "Soul-stice" sailboat in the Caribbean

Something that was very special to us both was during our labour when baby Tasman was born, we played your CD Tupe - your wonderful instrumental one - "Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light". We play it so often, we just love it and it was just the perfect sounds to have at such a time. So thank you for that. - Chris and Kim Chateris-Wright, Dunedin, New Zealand

I wanted to tell you that your music really has been helping me lately. I wanted to get back into yoga and I remembered how perfectly the first cut of Celestial Sounds went with the Sun Worship series. So, I put on the CD and let the music draw me into the practice. Thanks again for helping to ease me back into the movements. It really does help so much as it provides a wonderful paced warm-up. Here's to energy flow! Kim Soltero, TN

"Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light - Volume 2" - 9 instrumental songs, 60 minutes - Imagine this music as a relaxing whirlpool of peace and joy. Notice how easily tension melts away as you bathe in these comforting sounds. The tranquil pace averages 60 beats per minute. Melt into deep relaxation as your heartbeat and breathing gradually get in sync with the gentle pulse of this stress-busting music. Breathe in these mellow sounds to become mentally sharpened and emotionally rejuvenated..

Like "Celestial Sounds - Volume 1", this mellow music is great for setting the mood for reading, massage, body work, yoga, tai chi, and romance. Or, just get comfortable, close your eyes, and have a nice ride.

Listener Comments:

Just wanted you to know that Luis had a massage this weekend and we played your new "Celestial Sounds 2" CD for it. It was very relaxing and peaceful. He had it done on the porch and I continued to work. It was just lovely. I am going to play it again today as soon as he wakes up. Thank you so much for the beautiful contribution to our lives and to the universal vibrations. - Kim Soltero, Maryville, TN

You know Tupelo you are a gifted genius.  "Celestial Sounds 2" is beautiful and fully a vibration  of creation.  I really loved it.  Got it yesterday late and raced home to shut myself up in the bedroom to listen. I think the two of you have a wonderful balance.   You both to know how to bring it through with clarity.- Patricia Sanders, Sedona, AZ

I listened to the entire Celestial 2 CD last night while laying in bed. I was so totally relaxed, I slept better than I've slept in months. Wow, it really works! - Wendy Chastain, Rapid City, SD

Wow - how wonderful when I came home and the new "Celestial Sounds 2" CD had arrived!  You must know how special that is for us (especially me).  I can't wait to do my yoga tomorrow and listen to it.  Yes, I do still do an abreviated yoga session every morning - my back doesn't allow everything I want to do, but I do what I can and this music will guide me beautifully - I can't wait! - Lise Stimson, Sedona, AZ

I just opened the last of the cd's after having enjoyed all the others
immensely. The last one is the instrumental and it blows me away. Gorgeous. Thanks. - Deb Porter, Fairbanks, AK

Your CD was a breath of heaven - it really helps to listen to it when the stress gets high. Thanks again for the beautiful music - you are really special people. Judy Lund, Homer, Alaska

I absolutely loved Tupelos first new age CD, "Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light." Its definitely in my top 5 CDs when you consider how much I use it during my meditation and relaxation periods. When I heard he was doing a follow-up CD called "Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light, Volume II," I was delighted. His second CD has surpassed my expectations times two. It too has moved into my top five. If you want to really soar, listen to the CD with your headphones. What a masterpiece. - Bryce E. Yarborough, Kansas City, KS

Hi Tupelo and Janey,
Just thought I would give you some feedback on your Celestial Sounds CD's. I absolutely LOVE them! Volume 1 is my favorite, but I do like Volume 2 also. It is so soothing, and puts be back "in tune" when I get out of sorts. I play it just about daily.

I was at the Discovery Series in Sept. That is where I saw you and got the CD's. Also wanted to let you know that I took a picture of you, Tupe, with my friend, Judy. Anyway, you were facing her, and there is an orb right in the middle of the two of you! Also, there were many Orbs throughout the room, on the dais, all around, and the ones that have a dark background appear bluish and sparkley! Just thought, I'd share. You two have a wonderful vibration, no wonder there were orbs! Looking forward to hearing you again sometime...soon! Sincerely, in Love and Light, Judy Regulski

"Wooden Voices" - 15 instrumental songs, 62 minutes - Acoustic guitar instrumental music, accompanied by other mellow wooden instruments. Relaxing . . . inspiring . . . rejuvenating . . . a satisfying pick-me-up that simply makes you feel good. Naturally.

Listener Comments:

What a delight to have Tupelo’s music playing in our clinic; somehow he’s created tunes that embody the perfect balance of healing serenity and gentle attentiveness in his music, that we strive for in our work. We all manage to breathe more deeply when his CDs are playing. - Amber Leigh Wolf, PhD, Director, Phoenix Healing Center, Longmont, CO

You do fantastic work! All the stringed instruments are very helpful when I am creating a painting. It is, in effect mood music, both relaxing and inspiring. - Wilbur Lease, Gillette, WY

Some films are reviewed as “feel good” movies. Tupe’s “Wooden Voices” CD is a well-executed and uplifting collection that I definitely experience as “feel-good” music. Usually, I listen to a CD a number of times before it starts to grow on me, but I was hooked on this one instantly. I give it two thumbs up! - Arlys Condos - Sheridan, WY

I wanted to let you know how warm and cool sounding your “Wooden Voices” CD is. It’s got a nice vibe and I like to just keep it playing over and over. Good job! - Dave Munsick, Dayton, WY

I greatly enjoyed Tupelo’s new CD, “Wooden Voices”. The music is outstanding. He is a master. Wonderful listening. - Helleen Taylor, Good Health Emporium, Sheridan, WY

“Wooden Voices” is just that - intimate voices that speak to the heart and soul. It is moving, sometimes bringing goosebumps and sometimes a smile. Listening to it brings instant relaxation and reflection. Each song emotionally takes me to a special moment and keeps me there in that quiet, peaceful state long after the music is over.-Ann Tolstedt

Hey Tupe, just wanted to let you know that I play your new CD in my
classroom ALLLLLL day long! It is perfect! It helps me to feel peaceful, even in a chaotic environment! I sure do love it. I hope I don't wear it out anytime soon. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
- Karla D. Greene, Avondale Elementary, Amarillo, TX

What a treat. I had just been wanting some music of that flavor and you are a true treasure. It is beautiful, Tupe, but I am not surprised. Wooden voices, indeed. Thank you for remembering your ole friend. I love you both, Trish Sanders, New Zealand


Yes, yes, yes!!! (You know like Meg Ryan's famous scene in When Harry Met Salley!) I just love this new CD.

I've been putting it on in the mornings after I've sucked up to God and it helps me continue my day in a peaceful frame of mind. You did a beautiful job.

I'm not yet familiar with all the different songs as I've only listened 3 times but I sure love the different instrumentation and vocals (Good job on those, Janey too). - Jojo Malloy, Brisbaine, TX

"Wingin' It - On the Edge Adventures" by Janey Wing Kenyon

Book - 256 pages. (.pdf download)

24 heart warming short stories spanning over 30 years of world traveling while living on the edge. Includes photographs.

Reader Comments:

I am speechless for the first time ever!!! This morning I curled up with some coffee and read it cover to cover. To state the obvious, it is amazing! Even though I had heard some of your tales before, the book gives them a whole new life of their own---as usual you have managed to inspire me.
I hope you know how much your life has meant to others--you keep mentioning how much strangers and friends mean to you and I wanted you to know that my life has been enriched by knowing both of YOU! - Charlotte Malczek, Seattle, WA

You talented kids............what's next? A book? Oh my God, it's already happened. I've read several chapters and love it, Janey. I'm impressed to say the least. And hey, I even recognized a few of the names in your credits. WOW, that was unexpected! - Bruce Young, KS

Wow! Am I impressed with your ability to create and produce! I actually got a tear (of joy) in my eye when I held your book in my hand.

Here are a few things I want to share. First of all I have been reading your book Janey and love the story about Ephesus in Turkey. We visited there and heard the story of how one could hear a coin drop, so I can imagine how lovely your voices must have sounded in " God's shower!"
Just like you two to go for it and take the experience to the max.

Also, I really enjoyed the introduction to the book - the psycholocial insights and history of your strong sense of self. I read the first sentence, " I have always loved my name..." and stopped right there thinking of what that meant to have Wing for a name and how you have used that image in your life. - Kim Soltero, Crystal sailboat

Your book is bringing us GREAT fun and many laughs and smiles and pieces of wisdom. I read it in one night and day and can't wait for Cris to finish her copy so we can compare favorite adventures. You do such a great job of putting the reader on the scene! - Randi Somers, Port Douglas, Austrailia

I am severely impressed! I wish I could express what I am feeling as I read though "Wingin' It." Something like a sense of brotherly pride, I guess. Makes me smile a lot that you actually did it. The stories are well told and easily hold my attention. Good imagery! I'm right there with you (even when I'm not right there with you). But I'm truly impressed with your writing and storytelling, Janey. Way to go!!! - Bill Mann, Nashville, TN

Janey, I am so glad of the possibilities your book opened up for me. (i've only ever been to Canada ) Dr. Ouida Vincent, Gallup, NM

We were just talking about you last night, good things of course, and talking about how great your book is. When is the next edition coming out??? Deb has been reading the book and doing a lot of laughing. - Gary Porter, Fairbanks, Alaska

I just finished reading your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. What an exciting life you've lead. I look forward for book #2. - Tracy Sprinkle, Kernersville, NC

Finished Wingin' It two nights ago and I'm so lonely for you!!!! I found myself delaying the end and reading really slloooooowly the last couple chapters. If you think it took you a long time to get to Alaska in The Ol' Man's Cadillac, you should have seen how long it took me to read that story knowing I had so little left. You did an absolutely fantastic job and I enjoyed every minute of it (except the bats, yuck).

Again, my Darling, can't tell you how much we both truly enjoyed your stories. We've talked about it a number of times. I know we can't be objective because we know you and are so fond of you, but I do believe, it is wonderful. Jojo Malloy, Holiday Inn, Some cCity, Some State, Somewhere

I enjoyed all your stories immensely and savored each one. What a wonderful gift to get to know more about you. You will be published and FAMOUS. People will love your tales as I did. Lidia Young, Kansas City, KS

Deb has been reading the book and doing alot of laughing. Gary Porter, Fairbanks, AK

And Janie’s book! Wow! She really did it! Not only has it been fun to read, but inspirational – (I’m milking it). I’ve always loved Hawaii – and am feeling more and more ready that it’s time to move on. I’m 43 years old and alone. But so what – I’m taking the plunge!!! Speaking of taking the plunge – everytime I hear that song now – after reading Janie’s story about swimming with the whales – I see a picture of the both of you "giant striding" off a boat together. Maybe not entirely how it happened – but it would make for a good album cover – doncha think? Lauray Walsch, Kona, HI

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